When I was separated, I felt incredibly alone. The people I expected to help me weren't really interested in hearing what I was experiencing. It was one of the worst times of my life. No one should feel that way.

I believe people who are experiencing separation and divorce deserve their own community. They need a place to talk where people understand their experiences. A space where they are not judged. They need to be supported by people with similar experiences. This is how we grow and move forward, transitioning from being married to being single. To help others, I founded "With a Little Help from My  Friends", a separation and divorce support Meetup that gathers at least once a month in Regina. I facilitate our discussions. They are helping me process my experience - 10 years later! Who would have thought? I didn't expect this, and am enjoying the growth I'm experiencing because of the people who join me. 

You don't have to take my word for it that it's good. Here's what a few Meetup members have to say about their experiences:

From a man: "Came across this meet up by chance and was real hesitant to go but so glad I did. There's something very cathartic about listening to and being heard by people in a situation similar to your own. So, a huge thanks to Kim for organizing and facilitating this as well as to the other 4 ladies that shared. The group was everything a group like this should be - welcoming, comfortable, empathetic and supportive. Hope to see you all again!"   - T

From a woman: "I find this a necessary and essential meetup group that I hope will have more than one meetup per month. It is a safe, confidential and very supportive group where I am understood with my vulnerabilities and courage going thru this journey in my life. Thank you to amazing Kim and all those other amazing individuals that have attended this meetup group. I look forward to seeing you next time."  - J

To learn more, contact Kim at kim@kimkorven.com, or download the Meetup app on your phone, and search for the "Regina Separation and Divorce Support Meetup". Once you find it, please join! I'd love to meet you, and to help you on your journey.