I enjoy working with families, hearing their stories, and helping them preserve and improve relationships. I first expressed this interest through preparing wills, through helping elderly adults with their legal challenges, and through assisting family members after a loved one had died. Then my life changed.

I used to be stuck in a bad marriage. I knew it. I was angry about my situation. Yet I stayed. Three fears kept me there: I didn't think I would be able to earn enough money to support my family; I didn't want to experience the trauma and large expense that I had seen in court battles; and I was afraid divorce would scar my children. 

One evening I realize my children were being harmed by me living with their dad. Everything shifted. I began to think of peaceful solutions. I used my best characteristics - compassion and an ability to think outside the box - with my knowledge and experience as a family law lawyer, mediator, and judo coach, to forge a path that created a peaceful divorce.

I used words and an approach that allowed my husband to retain his dignity during the transition. He really did not want to be divorced, and there were no court battles! We did it peacefully.

We each recognize the other's parenting gifts, and how we complement each other as parents. We get along better now than when we did together, and our children are much happier and more confident. Divorce has been a gift. 

Knowing this, I expanded my practice from the traditional areas of estate planning and estates, to include working with families to help them separate and divorce peacefully, and achieve fair and durable solutions. 


Photo Credit: GL Yates

Photo Credit: GL Yates